2021 Škoda Fabia is here after 22 years & 3 generations!

What started in 1999 as a gorgeous hatch is now enhanced with 22 years,3 generations of feedback across countries on this globe, and looks as fab as it can be in 2021!

So, what has changed?

Short answer – Everything except the spirit in a better way.

Long answer

  • Physical Dimensions: This urban hatchback has gone longer, wider, and wiser than before. The front facia is easily identifiable as Skoda with the signature LED headlamp cluster surrounding the signature grille. The looks have gone as modern as possible and definitely look fresh in 2021 yet retaining the timeless design philosophy, followed to date with Fabia’s earlier generations and Sister host hatch Polo from VW. Space on the inside has been smartly designed to offer practicality via small yet neat touches with an Umbrella compartment, High-vis vest holders, Mobile phone pockets. Times have changed and now you can get all the bells and whistles in a hatchback car which has been demonstrated by this Fabia with an optional Panoramic sunroof which usually is reserved for bigger cars.

  • Updated Tech: This new Fabia is loaded with Tech that one might need practically like MySkoda smartphone app to remotely operate selected functions, Phonebox to wirelessly charge your mobile (all the Hyundai/Kia fans, this overhyped feature is covered by Czechs as well).
    • PhoneBox also has planar antennas to amplify your weak network signals. So, no more hello, hellozzzzzzzzz now!!
    • I do hope all the Skoda fans remember the Skoda Laura for all the sweet memories, let me tell you that Laura is Skoda’s new voice assistant now. As Apples have Siri, Windows lovers have Cortana, Googlers say “Hey Google” and now Fabians will say “Hello Laura”!!
    • And the wireless mirror link, Apple Carplay, Android Auto goes without saying because no new car launches without it these days.
  • How many horses??: Well, there are different packages on offer regarding how many horses you will get for the money.
    • 1 litre, 3-cylinders MPi engine with 64 OR 78 BHP options. Both options have 93 Nm of torque!
    • 1 litre, 3-cylinders coupled with a Turbo Stratified Injection to give you a more thrilling experience with a)93 bhp/175Nm/5-Speed Manual Transmission & b)108 bhp/200NM/6-Speed Manual OR 7 Speed DSG Transmission.
    • For even crazier fellows, there is a range-topping 1.5 litre,4-cylinder,148bhp,250Nm,7-DSG variant as well on offer.

Main Question: is this Fabia coming to India?

Answer: While VW India has hinted about new 6th gen polo(image below) based on MQB A0 IN platform to be considered for India (not in this 2021 for sure) by reducing its length from 4053 mm to under 4 meters, there is nothing official yet from Skoda India about this Fabia launch anytime soon.

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