A pony-cart in today’s world made of bullet trains and the electric cars!

While going to Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) I stopped by the road side, on the highway, for a quick break.

All types of vehicles like heavy duty trucks, trailers, buses, scooters, motorcycles, three wheelers, cars and SUVs were plying on the busy road.

And then I saw this pony-cart run by some young enthusiastic looking men. The horse was running at full speed. I wondered about the safety of the people operating it. No brakes, everything was dependent on the will of the horse. When the leece get pulled, the pony would stop due to the pain. It was a not a scenario that I liked, honestly.

In India, like some other developing countries, horse, pony and mules still are a source of commuting. For people who can’t afford other mechanical vehicles. It’s a mean of their livelihood.

I strongly feel that using animals for this purpose should be stopped, whatever is the reason behind it. The government should bring in new rules, with alternatives so that the poor people are not deprived of their income.

Not to mention that using such carts on the busy highway is not only dangerous for the animal but for the cart occupants.

Let us find out more safe ways and bring awareness!

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