How many total revolutions an engine makes when driving the car for 4 hours continuously?

I was wondering how many revolutions the engine of my car made when driving at an average speed of 80 kmph!
We can calculate that!
Say, the engine is reviving at 1600 RPM.Now at that engine RPM, running it continuously for 4 hours means that the crankshaft revolved for around 1600*60*4 = 384K revolutions.
Now what makes me wonder that today the piston, piston rings, the engine bores are so reliable they continuously run for 4 hours (during my recent highway cruise from one city to another) without a fuss. When I look at the track record of these particular engines, they have a service record of running for more than 400,000 kilometers before the engine is written off! Means, if I ran my engine 384,000 revolutions to cover a distance of 265 kilometers then for 400,000 kilometers, the engine revolved for 579,622,641 times!
Well, that’s impressive! Isn’t it?!


    1. Thanks, Vijay Kumar!
      Well, another calculation came to my mind!
      Say, for traveling 265 Kilometers, I burnt fuel (diesel) worth INR 930. Total diesel burnt around 14.9 litres at an vehicle output average of 17.5 kilometers per liter. That means for 384,000 revolutions I the engine burnt 14.9 litres (or 14900 milliliter) of fuel. This for one revolution, the engine burnt 0.040 milliliter of atomized fuel (means air mixed with it)! In terms of money, one revolution of the engine costed me a quarter of an Indian Rupee (or 25 Paise)!
      Had I been driving a petrol vehicle it would have been double of the expenses shown above!
      Now I am trying to judge, how many average revolutions it takes for the engine to cover a distance of one kilometer so that the vehicle running cost per kilometer may be estimated!

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