Steer-by-Wire in vehicles (Fly-by-Wire in aircrafts)!!

It was in the year 1987 when I heard that India has procured 30 Airbus 300 aircrafts from France. And the technology in it was Fly-by-Wire. Instead of the regular yokes (as we find in the Boeings) there was a lever in the Airbus 300 (that we find kids playing with when they play computer games) that the pilots used for maneuvering the aircraft.

Time changes!

Now, comes the Steer-by-Wire! The same concept as in Fly-by-Wire but for maneuvering the vehicles on the roads.

Interesting!! Isn’t it?!

A prototype of a Steer-by-wire (Steering Wheel) is as shown below:


  1. This stick yoke looks like the one we use in the toy helicopter. I guess I am ready to be a pilot(or maybe just the joystick operator!)

    1. Try join a flying club to get your flying licence ! I think in coming years the cars will not be less exciting than the aircrafts !!

    1. Well, automobiles and aircrafts both are evolving to the next higher level and in the coming years will be equipped with the next level of automation that one can imagine!

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