The yesteryears Italian scooter—the Lambretta!

Somewhere on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway I stopped for a quick cup of tea to relax myself after a long drive.

And I came across this fancy item of the day. A Lambretta scooter! Lambretta is name of the scooter which ran on gasoline which an Italian company manufactured years and years ago…in the late 60s.

The food court owner had, for drawing attention and making highway commuters glued to the food court (so that they walk around and see such items of curosity while eating or drinking), had kept a restored yesteryears Italian machinery which was quite funny to look at but reminded me of my childhood days when I used to see many of such scooters plying on the road and in fact had a couple of chances to ride one myself.

Above is the picture of this remodeled scooter!

Below is the picture of the original Lambretta scooter. The only problem with this scooter which I generally observed was that it required a lots of effort to kick-start it. The engine was centrally mounted not like the Piagio (on one side). So ride wise, it was balanced. But kick-starting it was a hell of a job where the naturally aspirated carburetor added problem once the gasoline overflowed inside the carburetor’s chamber. Another problem was blocking of the jet nozzles which required manually cleaning before you could start it (this due to low grade fuel quality).

But once started, it was fun to ride it…..purrrr…purrr….purrrr……!!!

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