Enzo Ferrari and his fast cars!


Enzo Anselmo Ferrari had a passion for sports cars and racing since a very young age, courtesy his father and big brother’s interest in racing cars. He was a hard working and talented person who started as a test driver and built his own multinational company, the Ferrari. He had a great knowledge of cars and mechanics even without receiving any formal education in engineering or physics. His innovative talent and extensive knowledge got him honorary degrees from Bologna and Modena Universities, along with many other prizes and accolades from all over the world. He had built himself from scratch after the sad demise of his family members, at a very young age. He faced rejections and oppressive professional situations but the love for cars and craze for racing got him very far in life. He is the reason why we have such fast and luxurious cars on the road now as he did not only make cars for the race tracks but also for the road. He was very compassionate by nature as the stories about his caring for his drivers whenever they were injured are quite famous. He is often known as the man who invented the term ‘fast’ (as read at ‘the famous people’; photos as seen on wikipedia and ‘the famous people’).

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