Who are the major tire manufacturers in India?

The history of the tire business might be traced back to the manufacture of bicycle tires in 1846, which utilized strong rubber tires until the design of the pneumatic tire by John Dunlop in 1888. The tyre industry was formed in the nineteenth century and some firms began manufacturing automobile tyres, as the automobile production also took off in Europe and America, however, the industry was not well developed in the Asian region.

In the late 80s, the tire Manufacturing industry started rising with mergers and acquisitions, mostly due to an increase in the business of the automobile makers. During this time, most tire makers were taken over and power transferred to international owners. Today, there is a comparatively stable amount of participants in this business and most are outsourcing production to low-cost countries. But, in the coming years, industry share increase may decrease as international makers might focus on offering tires for developing economies.

The tire industry in India is rising strongly and their industry growing from each year. In 2012, there were 40 tire manufacturing companies running in India which remain comprised of significant life-size brands in the tire industry, e.g., Good Year, MRF, etc (as shown in the table below).

Coming to the categories these manufacturers make, tire makers and tire retailers have broad classifications to categorize tire cases. Tire categories include “ all-season tires”, “ all-weather tires”, “ winter tires”, “ season tires ” and “ rain tires ” are examples of tire classifications. While tire makers meet their tire styles per current performance dimensions; these groups are rather arbitrary. To sell, one tire manufacturer may make a tire that is optimized for damp and dry conditions and dub it the summer tire. Another business might have the product with the exact same show features, and sell it as the “ all-season tire ” and so on.

Major tire manufacturers in India are as follows:

  1. Apollo Tires (click here to visit website)
  2. Balkrishna Industries (click here to visit website)
  3. Birla Tires (click here to visit website)
  4. Ceat Ltd. (click here to visit website)
  5. Innovative Tires & Tubes (click here to visit website)
  6. JK Organization (click here to visit website)
  7. MRF (Madras Rubber Factory) (click here to visit website)
  8. Ralson India Ltd. (click here to visit website)
  9. TVS Srichakra Ltd. (click here to visit website)

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